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How they see us

Submitter: Sjouke Zwier / Gijs Schoonderbeek
Description: The confluence of many disciplines is required to develop digital systems for radio astronomy. For some of these disciplines, we work closely with industry. Such collaborations offer us the opportunity to gain knowledge of the latest possibilities in the production of PCB assemblies, and housing solutions for our boards. On the other hand, they also push the companies to unexplored limits. Two recent articles written by Neways Leeuwarden and Koning & Hartman describe such stimulating collaborations from their perspective.

  • The interview (in Dutch) with Mohammed Alhillawie of Neways shows how we work together to achieve the latest assembly possibilities for the production of the ASTRON/JIVE UniBoard2. We have been working with Mohammed for an extended period, which enables both sides to push the limits of design, while maintaining a producible board. https://www.werkenbijneways.nl/Magazine/73/New-Product-Introduction-voor-Astron

  • In the article (in Dutch) by Koning & Hartman the design and production of the UniBoard subrack for the WSRT/Apertif system is described. The article gives a nice view of our Sjouke Zwier working with their John Vink to develop the housing for Apertif. http://www.koningenhartman.nl/nl/koning-en-hartman/casestudies/industrie/case-astron?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Actiemail+IE&utm_content=Schroff+EMC+Cabinetten&utm_source=MailPlus

    P.S. Sometimes, a look from the outside reminds us how fortunate we are to be building instruments for gaining knowledge about the Universe!

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