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Girlsday Drawings 2016

Submitter: Roy Smits
Description: As every year, ASTRON has participated in the yearly Girlsday. Today we present the wonderful artwork that the Girlsday-Girls have produced at ASTRON during live chat-session with female astronomers.

The chat session involved chatting (via Skype) with a professional female astronomer. All questions were allowed; from work to hobbies to even more personal details. Part of the assignment was to draw their findings onto an A3-paper. Working in pairs, they again produced some magnificent artwork showing the astronomer, her work and many aspects of her personal life. This exercise connects the image of a female astronomer to the personal world of the students.

Many thanks to all the Girlsday-Girls and the female astronomers who volunteered to answer all the girl's questions to make this event so very successful! All drawings have been sent to the corresponding astronomer as a reminder of this event.

More information about Girlsday in the Netherlands can be found at http://www.girlsday.nl
Copyright: ASTRON + Girlsday-Girls 2016
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