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UK-NL cooperation

Submitter: Wim Brouw (with the aid of Hette Weijma)
Description: In the eighties of the last century the cooperation between the Dutch Research Organisation (NWO, previous ZWO) and its British counterpart (SERC, previous SRC, now STFC) was quite strong in the area of physical sciences.

  • In astronomy they partnered in optical telescopes on the Canary Islands, and in infrared and sub-mm telescopes on Mauna Kea (on Hawaii).
  • In physics and chemistry there was, among others, the cooperation between SERC and FOM/NWO on the British use of the free-electron laser (FELIX, Rijnhuizen), and between SERC and NWO on the Dutch use of the Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS, Daresbury).

    During this period there were regular Umbrella meetings between the parties, which took place in The Netherlands and in the United Kingdom alternatively. The photograph shows the one held in the second half of 1989 in the Alexander room of the Rijnhuizen Castle in Nieuwegein (note the gobelin with a scene of the short life of Alexander the Great in the background). In this castle the FOM Institute for Plasma physics (now DIFFER: Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research) was housed at that time (now at Eindhoven University of Technology, and FELIX at Radboud University).

    The photograph depicts the signing of the agreement between NWO/FOM and SERC about the use of FELIX by SERC.
  • In the front from left to right: Head SERC administration, Sir Bill Mitchell (SERC-chair), Jan Borgman (NWO-chair), Henk van der Molen (NWO-director).
  • In the back from left to right: Yehudi Levine (Utrecht University, Synchrotron Radiation), Chief Financial Officer (SERC), Tony Hughes (SERC), Barry Martin (SERC-director), Vince Osgood (SERC), Wim Brouw (ASTRON), Hette Weijma (NWO).
  • Copyright: Fotobureau 't Sticht BV
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