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GUIs for UniBoard

Submitter: Hajee Pepping
Description: To enhance the workflow and the work ability in general for the UniBoards the DESP group had a long-cherished desire to have a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that allows monitoring and control of basic functionality of the UniBoards. Occupied by "normal" projects none of the DESP team members was able to fulfill this longing.

Fortunately our trainee Reinier van der Walle accepted the challenge and he created two very usable GUIs.

1. Flash gui

The Flashgui allows us to easily update the firmware of an UniBoard. It allows us also to update the firmware in a complete system that is based on UniBoards. For instance the 12x8=96 UniBoards that are located at the dishes in Westerbork can all be updated via a single instance of the GUI. Since the GUI is build on an existing layer of python code it will also be possible to use the GUI for future boards like UniBoard2 and the Gemini board that is developed in cooperation with CSIRO.

2. Monitoring gui

The monitoring GUI allows us to read back control related data from the UniBoards and display it in a graphical way. Typical parameters to be read are the data rates of the serial links and FPGA temperatures. The GUI is based on Kst Plot, a real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool.

Renier has successfully demonstrated the GUIs. In particular the Flash GUI is already intensively used in the Apertif commissioning work. The photo shows the moment of fame where Reinier presented his work to the whole DESP team.

Well done Reinier!

On behalf of the DESP team,

Renier van der Walle
Hajee Pepping
Copyright: DESP
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