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CEP3 cluster changes access policy

Submitter: Marco Iacobelli
Description: The CEP3 cluster allows LOFAR users to run data processing close to the CEP2 production cluster. The cluster has been active since 1.5 years and more than 200 time slots have been assigned to users to perform advanced processing on their Cycle data. The cluster has also allowed several important activities like commissioning of new processing schemes, development and testing of new software tools. Additionally, it provided important processing resources for Busy Weeks and LOFAR Data School.

The CEP3 policy aims to ensure CEP3 access to a large number and different type of users. During the CEP3 lifetime user needs have been evolving, therefore an assessment of CEP3 access policy based on the cluster usage over the past two observing cycles was recently performed and results were presented at the Lofar Status Meeting on May 11th.

Based on the results, the radio observatory changed the default access policy, by extending the time access from a 4-weeks period to 8-weeks.

Details about CEP3 cluster access policy can be found at: http://astron.nl/radio-observatory/observing-capabilities/depth-technical-information/cep-and-lta-computing-facilitie
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