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Mid-Frequency Aperture Array (MFAA) successfully passed System Requirements Review (SRR)

Submitter: Wim van Cappellen on behalf of the AAMID Consortium
Description: Mid-Frequency Aperture Arrays are an enabling technology for SKA Phase 2 and are being developed by the AAMID consortium. Recently, the project passed the SRR milestone. The objective of the SRR has been to deliver a properly defined set of science requirements that have been well established within the scientific community, and to trace down these science requirements to AAMID and MFAA system requirements. In addition, system architectures and a detailed status update of the technology developments has been presented, together with an evaluation of the technology readiness levels of the various sub-systems.

The image above shows the Review Panel and the MFAA team. The panel consisted of Anna Scaife (chair, University of Manchester), André van Es (SKAO), Russell Gough (CSIRO), Francois Kapp (SKA South Africa) and Jeff Wagg (SKAO).

Thanks to the constructive feedback from the panel and the various discussions we can further improve the quality of the MFAA documentation. The Consortium is now ready to proceed to the Preliminary Design phase.
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