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CEP4 Pulsar pipeline is ready!

Submitter: Vlad Kondratiev & Jan David Mol
Description: We proudly announce that Pulsar Pipeline (PulP) is now ready for the new LOFAR cluster CEP4 and awaits to be fully integrated into the LOFAR framework. With CEP4 all pipelines including the PulP should accomodate several significant changes since the previous CEP2 era. Namely, they should support cluster workload manager SLURM, make use of the Global File system where raw observational data are accessible from any of CEP4 compute nodes, and also run within a Docker container specifically designed and tuned for the corresponding pipeline. Having these many substantial changes also put additional difficulties for the debugging and testing. On top of that necessary changes were needed to be done to incorporate Pulp into the LOFAR framework for pipelines to be run automatically.

As of now PulP is fully suited to be run on CEP4. It can be run both manually and automatically within the LOFAR framework. The same code with different cluster settings can be used to process the pulsar data on 4 different LOFAR clusters: CEP2, CEP3, Dragnet, and now CEP4. It was successfully tested for different data modes: complex-voltage data, Stokes I, and Stokes IQUV; both for a single tied-array beam and multiple beams, as for example for LOTAAS pulsar survey and system Fly's Eye observations. Currently, Pulp is given to Science Support for further tests within the LOFAR framework and performance characterization.

Images show two happy men who worked hard to have Pulsar Pipeline on CEP4, together with their CEP4/PulP-related screenshots.
Copyright: Vlad Kondratiev
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