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Submitter: R.H. van den Brink
Description: Mid-September we celebrated several APERTIF milestones in the nice surrounding of the WSRT, an obvious location since that's where APERTIF is being installed. We have currently placed all hardware at Westerbork, including the correlator hardware. Most parts of the firmware are in place, and a large part of the software is finished as well. The whole team really did a great job to get to this point.

Now we are in the challenging phase were everything has to come together. Issues pop up during testing and while creating the first Measurement Sets. Problems are being tackled while astronomers are eager to start using this magnificent instrument.

So it was nice to see everybody together at the BBQ: the people who are involved in the design, deployment, implementation, testing, commissioning, and the people that can't wait to start using APERTIF.

The weather was nicely planned, so let's make sure we can deliver APERTIF equally successfully!
Copyright: R.H. van den Brink
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