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Traffic Signs In The Hallway -- What Do You Think?

Submitter: Derk Kuipers & Joeri van Leeuwen
Description: Recently, an apparently random traffic sign was placed in the Astronomy Group hallway. Its solidity, pointedness and slanted positioning have led some to claim it is a menace; and it recently disappeared as a safety precaution. What do you think?

Joeri van Leeuwen, staff astronomer:
The unsecured, loose signpost that was in front of my office cannot be tolerated. Think of the children! And what is it even about, did my tax guilders pay for that? If we give in, soon the building will be filled with signs! Where will old people have to walk?

Derk Kuipers, senior facilitair medewerker gebouwen en logistiek:
Oke Joeri. I will try to explain it in understandable language. Anyone with any sense will immediately see the sign depicts an astrophysical explosion of some kind! Very artistic and inspirational. The formulas beside quickly point to those Fast Radio Bursts we hear so much about, that ALERT on Apertif will find. An extremely motivational sign for any astronomer. Naysayers that claim otherwise have no imagination! Clear enough? Ok!

Editor's note: There seem to be several subliminal messages hidden in this amusing text. Can you spot them? Big Prizes can be won.
Copyright: JvL/DK
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