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Never too Young for Science

Submitter: Paula Fusiara
Description: One of the advantages of living in the vicinity of the WSRT is that you can pack your kids into a bike trailer, hop on the bike yourself and enjoy the autumn breeze of the nearby forest within minutes.

Those of you who are familiar with the cycling paths in the Holmers-Halkenbroek area, know that there is a watchtower. Not only you can train your muscles while climbing it, but also you will be rewarded with a very nice view once you have reached the top.

My almost 5-year-old daughter is fascinated by the stars and enjoys looking up in the sky and spotting stars, the moon and airplanes flying by. During one of the trips to the forest I showed her the watchtower and she immediately started climbing the stairs. At the top she shouted to me:
"Mommy, mommy! Look, it's your work over there!! You must see it, look! There are the telescopes! Can we go there and watch some stars please?"

She reached for the camera and took a photo. Then she turned around, looked at me and said:
"Mom..., when I'm a big girl, I want to build rockets [sic] and telescopes, just like you do!"

The seed of curiosity has been sown ... :)
Copyright: P.M.Fusiara
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