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Goodbye to the old ASTRON radio LAB

Submitter: Mark Ruiter
Description: Today we say goodbye to our old radiolab, which is being completely refurbished. The old lab has served us well during 20 years of building and testing instruments (1996-2016). Numerous famous projects and instruments were born here. To name a few: MFFE, OSMA, THEA, LOFAR, EMBRACE, LFAA Photonic links, APERTIF and the new MFAA tile development.

Having a good lab is really the glue that connects all competences. In the development process, all our thoughts and ideas come together in the hardware and software we design. A well-designed and equipped radio lab makes it possible to build and test the result.

The newly refurbished lab is almost ready for use. We expect to be very happy with our new place to develop the next generation of radio telescopes. We will be ready for it.

(The picture shows Michel Arts performing a last-minute measurement before closing down the old lab. He is analyzing the electromagnetic performance of a new material for the housing of a MFAA tile.)

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