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12.5 year anniversary of Renate van Dalen!

Submitter: Roy van der Werp
Description: In 2016, no less than six people at the R&D department celebrated their 12.5 anniversary of employment at ASTRON. The reason for this little wave is that about 12.5 years ago the preparations for LOFAR were in full swing, and a lot of work had to be done. So new people were hired. Renate van Dalen was one of them. 

In her part-time job as one of the R&D secretaries, Renate lends support to the Bureau for Technology Transfer (BTT) and she is involved in the organization of the Techno- and Software Lunches. Together with the other R&D secretaries she takes care of planning appointments, organising meetings and making travel arrangements. Her attitude is modest and friendly and she is always striving for a high service level.

During a recent surprise lunch at the nearby Bospub, Renate was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers which she gladly accepted. She told us that she very much likes her job as R&D secretary. Her most challenging and pleasant task is organizing the RF course(*). In the beginning she was involved with this at a low level, but now she takes care of almost everything that has to be organized and prepared for this course. Renate, thank you very much and congratulations with this anniversary!

(*) The RF course is a yearly event in which ASTRON shares its expertise in analog electronics at radio frequencies. It lasts 3 days, and is very popular as a refresher course with the technical staff of small and medium-sized companies.
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