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There was a time...

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: There was a time when our coffee and soup were dispensed by a diminiutive Philosopher with a warm smile and gleaming eyes. Aziz Thaleb was (and is) unusual in many ways (*), and it was a privilege to talk to him over a first cup of hot beverage before embarking on another day of ASTRON stuff.

Such things do not last, of course, and eventually he moved on to open a retreat in Sweden, where he and his Annemiek now offer a variety of "energy-rich" zenactivities. He fondly remembers us all, and cordially invites us to check out his website:


(*) Apart from his spiritual wealth, Aziz also happened to be the richest man in the building. Obviously, this is not too difficult in a scientific institute like ours, but it somehow put a special perspective on things.
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