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The quiet force behind a hard-working R&D department

Submitter: Gert Kruithof
Description: The various projects in which the people of the ASTRON R&D department are involved require a lot: commitment, enthusiasm, flexibility, thinking out of the box, and of course hard work. But it is easy to overlook that they also rely on the quiet support of the R&D secretaries in a broad way. The aim of Monique, Patricia, Renate and Ina is to offer a high-level service. To achieve this, they collaborate with each other as much as possible: they share action lists and mailboxes, which enables them to smoothly take over certain tasks from each other when necessary.

To mention a few things they are taking care of:
- making appointments;
- organizing meeting and events;
- ordering catering;
- booking accommodation in and around Dwingeloo;
- making travel arrangements.

Furthermore, the R&D secretaries assist in project and/or commercial activities, and facilitate in the development of new intranet webforms like the travel requests and publication list. They also keep an eye on the various processes and actions of the Competence Group Leaders (and the Head of the R&D department) and write drafts for letters, parts of proposals, presentations, R&D website, emails, newsletters, etc.

Maybe it is less visible what they do, but it is certainly not less valuable. In the background they take care of many things, which is highly appreciated. That's why they should be considered as the quiet force behind a successful and hard-working R&D department.

Editor's note: That's the spirit! Too few Leaders realize that this ASTRON/JIVE/NOVA/DOME family chronicle is a great (and low-cost) vehicle for motivating the devoted people that make them possible. Who is next?
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