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Unboxing New RFI shielding cans

Submitter: Paula Fusiara
Description: Two neatly packed boxes arrived yesterday. What is their content? Each box contains 25 pieces of one of the two proto designs of new RFI shielding cans for the latest LNA for the MFAA tile.

Straight away from the factory, shining bright and looking great like a piece of jewelry. Do not wear it though, it contains Nickel ;-)

Ladies and Gents, unboxing and holding the first can in my hands does feel special in a way because this is my 'very first' end-product I designed at ASTRON, which was produced externally by VECO precision metal.

At the first glance the photo-etched cans look very similar. However, the snag is in details. One design is folded entirely from 1 piece of sheet metal, and the other is made of 2 sheet metal parts which are folded and spot welded.

These little babies are now in the hands of the Radio Group and are waiting to be soldered to the LNA PCB and tested. Keep your fingers crossed!

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