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Presentations Project Management

Submitter: Gert Kruithof
Description: Presentations Project management

Just before the Christmas holidays for some people of the R&D department it wasn't all about astronomy, antennas, phased arrays, front and back ends, etc. They attended a second meeting in a series of presentations on project management in other companies. These presentations serve as an important mirror on our project management approach and where we can improve.

The first presentation by Niek Govers regarding project management for the development and introduction of the smart card for public transport (OV Chip kaart) took place in June 2016. For this second presentation, we invited Leon Sluiman of ENGIE LNG Solutions In Zwolle.

He shared his experiences as project manager of an innovative and complex project: the first LNG* filling station of ENGIE LNG Solutions in the Netherlands. Leon has been closely involved in the planning, implementation, construction and operation of this plant. From a commercial point of view he described the way he and his colleagues are dealing with roles and responsibilities within project teams. He also gave a short explanation on various project management styles and different review methodologies. 

A few high lights from his presentation/discussion:
- Internal clients are sometimes more difficult to handle, since it is easier to say "we will do this tomorrow". At the same time communication, can be much easier since the customer is nearby.
- You need the right balance between project structure and high quality team members. This required balance will depend on the type of project.
- For a commercial organisation like ENGIE, an overrun of 300 KEuro on a total project budget of 1.5 MEuro is considered to be large.
- Leadership is important. Be open and honest. Leon presented the 'Theory U' from Otto Scharmer. This is a very inspiring theory on leadership. For the readers of this daily image maybe also worth taking a look.

* LNG means Liquefied Natural Gas, used as a fuel for trucks and ships. When natural gas is cooled to -162 degrees Celsius (boiling temperature of gas), it becomes liquid. This liquefied natural gas has a high-energy density and is therefore an excellent and safe fuel for trucks and ships. Due to stricter regulations and new emission rules, more and more transport and shipping companies switch to LNG as a fuel, because LNG contains little nitrogen and sulfur, resulting in lower emission of particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and CO2 than a fuel like Diesel and Marine Gas Oil.
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