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In Memoriam: Arie Hin (1927-2016)

Submitter: Albert Jan Boonstra, Jaap Baars, Wim Brouw, Jan Noordam
Description: Last week we said goodbye to Arie Hin, who has been very important for the commissioning and smooth operation of ASTRON's succession of world-class radio telescopes for almost half a century. He started at Kootwijk (1954-1955), then moved to Dwingeloo (1955-1970), and finally to Westerbork (1970-1992).

He understood "his" receivers in every detail and solved problems almost before they occurred. He taught us all. Being gentle, soft-spoken and highly respected, he was also a stabilising presence in the sometimes tense atmosphere of operating a cutting-edge telescope.

The picture shows Arie explaining the WSRT to a group of Japanese journalists(*), who came to pay their respects to this exciting new instrument. Given the make-shift table, it must have been in the early 70's, when the telescope was being commissioned. By then he had already overseen two royal visits.

His wife Truus was also very much part of the ASTRON family, and accompanied him to functions and activities like ice-skating. A few months ago, she died suddenly, just after they had moved to Leiden to be closer to their (grand)children. This was the worst possible blow for Arie, who did not survive her long. Thank you very much, old friend.

(*) The Japanese jounalists were passengers of the first direct flight by Boeing 747 from Tokio to Schiphol. The visit to the WSRT was part of a tour of Dutch highlights.
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