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6th Long-Baseline Busy Week: First long-baseline maps produced entirely through a pipeline.

Submitter: Marco Iacobelli
Description: The 6th Long Baseline Working Group busy week was held at ASTRON in January and it was attended by 18 people, including a group of Latvian researchers in the framework of the 'BALTICS' project. A main goal of the busy week was to test and improve the current pipeline to map sources in a LOFAR Survey Tier-1 field region. LOFAR VLBI allows mapping at 0.3 arcsecond resolution, with sub-mJy sensitivity but data processing is a formidable challenge, especially if dealing with large datasets of the Surveys KSP.

As a result, images were produced which went entirely through the pipeline, thus proving the goodness of the reduction strategy. The displayed picture is an example of mapped sources in the field (J132737+550406 and J132455+545406 in bottom right and left panels, respectively), made with 10 subbands only, not self-calibrated and with sub arcsec resolution.
Copyright: Neal Jackson, Marco Iacobelli, Leah Morabito, for the Long Baseline Working Group Busy Week team.
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