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Today's Colloquium: The High-resolution View of Radio Jets in the Southern Sky

Submitter: Cornelia Mueller
Description: Radio-loud active galactic nuclei belong to the most powerful and persistent sources in the Universe. They exhibit highly relativistic jets, which emit light across the electromagnetic spectrum up to gamma-ray energies.

High-resolution observations with radio telescopes using Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) combined with simultaneous multiwavelength monitoring from the radio to the gamma-ray regime provide the most complete insight into the physics of these sources.

In this talk, I will present recent results and developments of VLBI observations in the Southern hemisphere. I will focus on TANAMI, which is the largest multiwavelength project that monitors the brightest southern extragalactic jets, and the current efforts towards observations with the Event Horizon Telescope. In particular, I will highlight the results of our multiwavelength study of the nearest radio-loud galaxy Centaurus A. The parsec-scale structure in conjunction with broadband properties give valuable information on intrinsic jet parameters and help us to further constrain the high energy emission origin.
Copyright: Robert Schulz, Cornelia Mueller
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