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INAOE in Mexico starts Mirror Polishing for WEAVE Spectrograph

Submitter: Johan Pragt
Description: INAOE is official partner within the WEAVE project and responsible for producing optics for the Spectrograph.
Last week, they started the polishing of the large (670 mm diameter) spherical mirror of the Spectrograph Collimator.
Other optics are also in production and they already finished 3 lenses for the "Red camera". There are 4 to go for the Red, and another 7 for the Blue Camera.

INAOE is an institute in Mexico combining astronomy and technique. They operate their own radio telescope (mm wavelength) in Mexico and participate in e.g. the GTC optical telescope at Canary Islands. This sounds familiar to me: they are the Mexican version of ASTRON.

WEAVE is a new multi-object survey spectrograph for the William Herschel Telescope (WHT) on La Palma, in the Canary Islands. WEAVE is being built by several institutes in several countries. The Spectrograph team is led by Johan Pragt, NOVA. Dutch PI is Scott Trager, Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, RUG.

Copyright: INAOE
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