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I-LOFAR skid frames halfway through production

Submitter: Paula Fusiara
Description: It is cool to work at ASTRON as a mechanical engineer, because the assignments are so diverse. I am having fun solving engineering puzzles. They range from making fine parts/tools the size of 10x7 [mm] where a gap of 0.05 [mm] is already too big, to designing a 3x2.3x.1.9 [m] (WxLxH) pure steel 'heavy duty' transport frames. The latter ones are depicted in the picture above. Those skid frames have to fit on a taut trailer to bring the galvanized 3x3 [m] iron grids as cargo to romantic Birr Castle in Ireland where another beautiful LOFAR station is being built as we speak.

On my computer screen the size is relative. Everything seems so similar and is not so impressive because you just either zoom in or zoom out... Wait until you see the product in real life in production - only then it gets impressive.

Just then, when you see the frames half-way through production, and you feel the freshly applied first welds in your nostrils, it feels soooo good!! [Yes, some women prefer the smell of welding over the smell of nail polish :-)]

I hope that no storms will rage at sea so that all the cargo arrives safe and sound!

Great thanks to CORN Metaalbewerking in Hoogeveen for giving me a tour in their company and producing the skid frames!
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