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Wurzburg radar dishes

Submitter: Ramon Navarro
Description: A new museum is being founded in the island of Terschelling, in the North of The Netherlands. Hundreds of bunkers have been built there during WW II by the Nazi occupiers, as part of the Atlantic wall defence line. This bunker complex was called Tigerstellung and includes several early radar installations.

  • The Freya Radar, operational since 1941. This 360 degrees rotating radar installation was 15 meters high, and could detect planes at a range of about 120km, but was unable to measure the altitude of the plane.

  • The Wurzburg Riese radar. This is one of two tracking radars of this type. The radar could rotate 360 degrees and could determine distance and altitude to planes, with a range of 60km.

    The latter also played a role in Dutch radio astronomy. Two Wurzburg dishes were used in Dwingeloo during the 70's, as an interferometer for high resolution solar observations. The development of radio astronomy, which probes the furthest reaches of the cosmos, has been greatly accelerated by the availability of radar ingenieurs and technology after the war.


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