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Anne Koster retires

Submitter: Nico Ebbendorf
Description: After 43 years, our colleague Anne Koster will leave ASTRON and start a well-deserved retirement. Although Anne is not broadly known outside ASTRON, his work has involved almost all electronic projects that have passed through the electronic laboratory in 4 decades. Whatever design came off the design table, Anne was able to assemble it with high quality, even as the components became smaller over the years and are barely visible now.

Anne started back in 1974 as an electronic technician and over the years he participated in many projects including 2 upgrades of the WSRT MFFE/IVC systems in the 90's, and APERTIF more recently. Also unique in Anne's career is that he worked on 3 world-class radio telescopes, Dwingeloo, WSRT and LOFAR.

The pictures show Anne together with colleagues Paul Riemers, Yde Koopman, Sjouke Zwier, Rob Millenaar and Nico Schonewille in the 80's lab, and a recent picture where Anne is teaching a Vapour Phase soldering machine how to make a proper high quality soldering joint.
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