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Successful upgrade of CEP3

Submitter: Jasper Annyas
Description: Is this the newest building of a modern architect? Or the work of a telematic artist? No, it is part of CEP3; the computer cluster that we make available for users that want to do further processing of LOFAR data. This is a common view for our system administrators and a place where science is produced.

The cluster is halfway its lifetime and was, like most humans do, facing a midlife crisis as it could not cope with the current demands of the users. We decided to upgrade the operating system and software frameworks to get better science output out of the investment made in this cluster.

The upgrade went according to the planning and since last week the cluster is open again for users. Although this was one of our smaller projects, we are very pleased that we made it in time and that all planned features were installed.

Solved another crisis and creating more happy users. That is what we stand for!
Copyright: RO SDOS & SOS, RUG CIT
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