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The Broad Impact of Low Frequency Observing & the 4th LOFAR Users Meeting

Submitter: Roberto Pizzo
Description: From 19-23 June 2017, the conference 'The Broad Impact of Low Frequency Observing' took place at the Conference Center of the INAF/CNR research campus, in Bologna (Italy).

The programme covered highlights from low frequency observations obtained with a range of radio observatories around the world. These are significantly impacting science areas including the Epoch of Reionization & Cosmology, Pulsars, The Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies, AGN, Star Formation, Clusters, Sun, Ionosphere, Cosmic rays, and Transients.

The science talks as well as the special session on Instrument & algorithms provided a comprehensive overview of the versatility and state-of-the-art technical capabilities available at low frequencies. With LOFAR unmistakably in a world-leading role, it is clear that the breadth of all available observing facilities and data analysis techniques together is contributing to the broad science impact being made.

The meeting was an important opportunity to discuss the planned upgrades to LOFAR and the other current facilities, looking ahead also to how these will complement the SKA-low in the years to come.

On Friday afternoon, the ASTRON Radio Observatory held the 4th LOFAR User Meeting, at the same location. The meeting provided a forum for users to both learn about the status of the array as well as give feedback on LOFAR operations and development. Among the important enhancements introduced in the system, the addition of new international stations to the array, the introduction of new software functionality into the operational system, and new techniques to improve the quality of LOFAR images were presented. The LOFAR Users Committee summarised the experience of the community about using the system. The Radio Observatory answered questions and gathered a lot of important feedback that will be used to improve the user experience during the coming months.

200 participants attended the events in Bologna. Shown here is the conference picture taken at the conference venue. The conference was jointly organized by ASTRON and IRA/INAF, with financial support from ILT, IRA/INAF and RadioNet.
Copyright: R. PIzzo
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