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RO Uitje 2017

Submitter: SOS
Description: The annual RO Uitje took place on Wednesday 5th July 2017. The day began very early in the carpark of Van der Valk, with the bus heading (mostly) directly towards the Meyer Werft ship-building factory in Papenburg, Germany. Along the way we ate a range of pastries and coffee. Once there, we were given a tour of their visitor centre and two of the factories, one of which contained a gigantic cruise ship under construction worth ~850 million Euros!

After the tour, we boarded the bus and ate a tasty lunch in Papenburg, at a restaurant called Gasthof Tepe: a mix of hot food, featuring meat, potatoes, fish, vegetables alongside a variety of beers and drinks. Also tasty dessert of mousse and cheese! Next stop after that was the historic and picturesque village of Bourtange, designed to emulate what life in the fortress was like in the past. There were several shops and museums to visit, including an exhibit on Aletta Jacobs, the first female Dutch doctor and a pioneer in many ways. Candle-making was also possible!

Before leaving Bourtange, we had borrel of snacks and drinks. We took a nice group photo of everyone, which you see featured in this post. Tiny little flying monsters (known as onweersbeestjes) joined the party and tried to smuggle themselves back to ASTRON.

Then we drove back to Dwingeloo, with some attendees staying on for what was reported to be a very tasty dinner at Il Rustico. All in all, an excellent and fun day exploring the nearby surroundings and getting to know people across the RO better. Thanks to the organisers of this year's utije for a great time!

To see photos taken (by Roberto, Matthijs and Vanessa), visit the interactive mosaic here: http://mosaically.com/photomosaic/f6a48db8-c7d8-4680-906a-ea5feb22c237
Copyright: Images: R. Pizzo, M. van der Wiel, V. Moss
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