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Dipole United

Submitter: Jeremy Harwood
Description: Between 2nd and 6th July the U.K. National Astronomy Meeting (NAM) was held at the University of Hull. Bringing together the U.K. community, along with those from further afield, NAM covers a wide-range of astronomical topics as well as outreach and cultural events.

Along with a packed scientific schedule, Dipole United (aka team LOFAR) also participated in the annual 5-a-side football tournament. With a mix of experience and new players, all of whom use LOFAR in their research, Dipole United reached the semi-final before finally being knocked out 3-2 on penalties. A great evening was had be all and we hope to go all the way next year!

From left to right:
Back row - Ben Alcock (Glasgow), Alex Clarke (Manchester), Sean Mooney (Dublin), Sam Vaughan (Oxford), Jeremy Harwood (ASTRON)
Front row - Sally Cooper (Manchester), Sandor Kruk (Oxford), Leah Morabito (Oxford)
Copyright: Leah Morabito
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