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1st Light for LOFAR station IE613 ! (I-LOFAR at Birr, Ireland)

Submitter: Ronald Halfwerk
Description: On 14 July, 2017, the newly built International LOFAR station IE613 in Birr, Ireland had first light! Congratulations to the entire I-LOFAR crew for achieving this great result!

The Low Band Antenna (LBA) system of this station showed for the first time a spectrum from the entire band as received by the 96 antennae. It was an impressive clean spectrum too.

On the picture left, an LBA all-sky image at 40 MHz is shown in which the Milky Way and CasA can be seen. This image by Menno Norden, was created only one day after 1st light while continuing the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of the station.

Picture on the upper right is showing the LBA-part of the newly built station under a perfect blue sky and located at the premises of Birr Castle, Co. Offaly. As can be seen, additional tubing is mounted around the antenna wires in order to protect these from animals having appetite to the wires and rubbers.

Our commission team Menno Norden, Henri Meulman en Klaas Stuurwold now are continuing to bring-up the high-speed data connection and the High Band Antenna system.

Station IE613 is from the I-LOFAR consortium (consisting of following universities and institutes: TCD, Armagh, UCD, DCU, UCC, NUIG, DIAS and AIT).

Copyright: Fotos: Menno Norden, Henri Meulman
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