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Sharpest groundbased images of jupiter and Saturn

Submitter: Rik ter Horst
Description: A team of experienced amateur astro-imagers recently spent a week at the observatory Pic du Midi (French Pyrenees). They worked with the observatory's 1 meter telescope, built in the 60's of last century. Equipped with modern camera's they've made hundreds of sharp images of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, using lucky imaging techniques and post processing.

Here we show some of the results, which are now considered the best ground-based images ever made.

The PIC-net team is: Constantin Sprianu, Damian Peach, Marc Delcroix, Emil Kraaikamp(*), Gerard Thorin, Francois Colas and Ricardo Hueso

Apart from the incredible skills of the team and the good conditions during imaging, this work is a great tribute to the creator of this 1 meter telescope, Jean Texereau who was one of the greatest telescope makers in the 20th century. Too bad he did not live long enough to see these images himself; he died in 2014, at age 95.

More information about this campaign to Pic du Midi can be found here: http://pic-net.org/

(*) Emil is a gifted Dutch amateur astro-imager who develops his own software. A few years ago he gave a colloquium at ASTRON, and the subsequent AJDI scored the largest number of worldwide hits ever. There are more like him, working away in attic rooms within a 50 km radius around ASTRON.

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