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Jet kinematics of NGC 660

Submitter: Avni Paresh Parmar
Description: NGC 660 is a polar ring galaxy around 44 million light years away from Earth, located in constellation Pisces. Polar ring galaxies are rare galaxy type containing a belt of stars, gas and dust orbiting nearly perpendicular to the galactic disk. For NGC 660 the ring is inclined at around 45 degrees to the main disk.

A massive outburst occurred between 2008 to 2010 in the centre of the galaxy which was around 10 times brighter than the largest supernova ever seen. 5 GHz e-MERLIN (2013) observations showed an increase in brightness by a factor of >1200 as compared to pre-outburst limits.

This image shows four years of monitoring of NGC 660 using the EVN starting from 2013 to 2016 observed at 1.4 GHz. Left are the four epochs reduced using AIPS and Difmap arranged in time order. Top right is a high resolution 8.4 GHz global VLBI HSA image (colour-map) overlaid with epoch two (contours). Bottom right shows the separation of the two components seen in the left image versus time fitted using weighted (red) and unweighted (blue) linear regression. The fitted slope of -0.585 +- 0.257 mas/year results in a jet speed of -0.078 +- 0.034 c.
Copyright: Ilse van Bemmel, Jay Blanchard, Megan Argo, Avni Parmar
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