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Central Works Council visit ASTRON/JIVE.

Submitter: ASTRON OR
Description: Maybe you have noticed that a large number of people in the picture above are walking around at ASTRON/JIVE today. These 17 people are members of the NWO Central Works Council (NWO-COR). Today, Tuesday 12 September 2017, the NWO-COR meets at ASTRON/JIVE.

The NWO-COR represents the employers of entire NWO (NWO-D and NWO-I) and has far reaching advisory rights towards management decisions and policies. As such, the council plays an important role in the continuity of the organization as a whole.

Recently, the council has advised about the “legal merger of the CWI, NIOZ, ASTRON, SRON and NSCR into NWO-I per 1 January 2018” and about the “changes in the organization of NWO-I with respect to distribution of competences and its impact on personnel”. At the moment negotiations for the “uitvoeringsregelingen” (=UVR), which comprise so-called secondary working conditions, are about to begin. Therefore, the UVR is an important topic on the agenda for the central works council.

The central works council meet in all the different parts of NWO in a rotating fashion, allowing its members to learn about all the parts they represent.

In order to spread the workload, the central works council formed different committees, like CPZ (Personnel), COF (Organization and Finance), UVR and CCC (Communication). This morning, the committees “CPZ” and “COF” of the central works council will meet. In the afternoon, a regular central works council meeting take place.

In the late afternoon, a small tour around the Dwingeloo and Westerbork sites is scheduled for the members of the central works council.

The ASTRON OR thank all the people that make the tour possible.
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