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Kick-off in the new APERTIF room

Submitter: Gert Kruithof
Description: Many things already have been done for APERTIF and many things still are on the to-do-list...
All the effort and hard work of the several groups within ASTRON for these project is highly appreciated. Not only APERTIF requires attention; there are many other projects and actions that need to be taken care of.

Busy weeks for e.g. APERTIF proved to be successful: good for the team spirit and good for the progress. Such a set up stimulates the cooperation and communication cross team, cross departments. In order to create a similar setting the Reading Room recently has been refurbished into the so-called APERTIF room. A few people have a permanent working place there for the next couple of months. Others will join them there as much as possible. The overall goal is to have very short communication lines and efficient collaboration. Everybody working at the same goal: the start of the surveys.

On September 25th, we had the first team meeting in our APERTIF room.

I would like to thank everybody who made this APERTIF room possible at such short notice: the people of Facility Services and the ICT department, and not to forget the secretaries.
Copyright: Gert Kruithof
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