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ASTRON proud member of Innovation Cluster Drachten

Submitter: Gert Kruithof
Description: Since September 29th, ASTRON officially joins the Innovation Cluster Drachten (ICD). ICD is an internationally active ecosystem of collaborating high-tech companies and knowledge institutes operating at the forefront of innovation and competitive on the global market.

Chairman of ICD, Kor Visscher, proudly mentioned at the signing event at ASTRON: "What we can learn from our new scientific partner reaches beyond stars and planets. ASTRON has a special place in the High-Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM) industry. With knowledge, technology and development, the Institute makes astronomical research possible. ASTRON regularly publishes new discoveries that give a better understanding of the universe. Within the HTSM Top Sector, ASTRON brings knowledge in the area of ​​Big Data handling, algorithmic and cyber-physical programming. With the accession of ASTRON, Innovation Cluster Drachten connects 17 highly innovative high tech companies in the Northern Netherlands."

At the Signing Event on September 29th at ASTRON, Kor Visscher and Carole Jackson signed for the membership. At ICD it is tradition to do this on eachothers back as you can see on the image.
Before having a toast on a fruitful cooperation within the Innovation Cluster Drachten, Kor Visscher said that he was happy to include ASTRON in the ICD: "ASTRON is highly internationally oriented and is in close contact with business, both in the Netherlands and abroad and therefore a wonderful addition to our cluster."

We are proud to be a member of ICD now and we hope that our drive for innovation will get a further boost!
For further information on the Innovation Cluster Drachten and its activities, please take a look at https://www.icdrachten.nl/.
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