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ASTRON site back on the power grid!

Submitter: Eric Kooistra, Anne Veendijk
Description: Two months ago, on Wednesday 13 September, ASTRON had a serious main electrical power interface failure. Since then the ASTRON site received all its electrical power from an Atlas Copco QAS 500 generator that is shown on the photo.

The yellow box is the generator and it contains a Volvo engine that drives an alternator to generate up to 500 kVA or 400 kW. The QAS 500 is the second largest generator in that range and it weighs about 5500 kg, so it is quite a device. The grey box next to it contains the diesel fuel. At maximum load the generator takes about 100 litres/hour. For comparison, that is about as much as 10 cars. The generator powered our building and remarkably also an electrical car that was charging during the day. On average the generator used 1200 litres of diesel per day, so about 50 litres per hour.

Last weekend, the ASTRON site was successfully reconnected to the power grid. In the meantime, this generator has provided an appropriate and technically interesting solution. Many thanks to the BHV, and the general affairs and ICT departments for handling this entire incident so well.
Copyright: ASTRON
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