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Today's Colloquium: BeSSeL, masers, a forest of lines and a dash of Diazenylium - a tale of star formation in four acts

Submitter: Katharina Immer (JIVE)
Description: The life and death of high-mass stars are crucial for the evolution of galaxies, influencing their energy budgets via strong winds, jets, outflows and supernova explosions and enriching their interstellar media with heavy elements. Although of great importance, little is known about the formation of these high-mass stars since they are rarer than their low-mass counterparts, often located at larger distances and seldom form in isolation. In this talk, I take the opportunity to introduce my work by presenting four of my current and future projects: parallax and proper motion measurements in the framework of the BeSSeL survey, gas motion studies at the center of our Galaxy via VLBA maser observations, a line survey of the high-mass star forming complex Sgr B2(N) with the APEX telescope and a study of N2H+/CS ratios in W33 to identify possible chemical clocks.
Copyright: Katharina Immer
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