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An Influential Friend

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: It is of course a pity when a valuable colleague leaves ASTRON for greener pastures. But the upside is that we gain an influential friend somewhere else in our small radio-astronomical world.

The image shows Prof Oleg Smirnov, surrounded by members of the South African Radio Astronomy Techniques and Technology group (RATT). It was taken in Cape Town, where many of his students participated in the yearly African SKA Bursary Conference. The screen in the centre shows the rest of his students at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

Your editor has been privileged to participate in the lively activities of Oleg's group in various ways. First there was a visit by Thorsten Ensslin and his students from MPI Garching, to discuss 4th Generation Calibration (4GC). Then there was a Meerkat Data Processing workshop, where the details of the various Large Survey Programs were discussed. Obviously, the RATT software played an important role. After that, at the Bursary Conference, the many students and young postdocs connected with the African SKA effort got a chance to present their work and discuss it with each other. And finally to Grahamstown for a Busy Week. All very stimulating and impressive.
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