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An unexpected Christmas package

Submitter: Paula Fusiara
Who doesn't like coming to their office in the morning and seeing an unexpected package? Indeed, I love unboxing the unknown... this rush of adrenaline streaming into your body while you carefully take an object out of the foil, connect the provided 9V battery, push the switch button on the prototype and voila!
The LEDs make an enchanting bright flash dance of joy on a 3D curvature... oh well, right, I made a small dance of joy and the LEDs were just "bright", ehm ehm :)

You MADE my day, BETA Layout , super huge THANK YOU! :)
Those of you who read my post on 18th December could have recognized the shape. Yes, together with Lesley we were learning how to route circuitry on this specific 3D body in 3D-MID design software package during the workshop, and now we have the physical prototype of our CAD model.

To colleagues who were wondering why there was a big smile on my face one day throughout the whole day: now you know the root cause :)

The curious ones among you who would like to get into the Christmas mood by looking at the 3D-MID LEDs alone, you can pass by Lesley's or mine office. For the time being, we have two of these little red LED-flashing gems fairly distributed between the two worlds. In January, Lesley and I will put one of these babes to the test.... I'm already utmost excited and looking forward to see whether the patient will survive our in-depth investigation.

Have a Merry Christmas! and once again BIG THANK YOU to Beta Layout for this wonderful Christmas surprise.
Copyright: Paula Fusiara, Lesley Goudbeek
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