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Science is Oerol

Submitter: Jason Hessels
Description: Oerol is an annual theatre, music and visual arts festival held on the Dutch "waddeneiland" of Terschelling. The word "oeral" is from the local dialect and means "everywhere" or "overall". Indeed the various festival events, plays, concerts and art installations cover the island.

This year I was invited by the Waddenacademie to give a lecture about my research, but with a twist: first I attended the play "Bambie is Back!" ("Oefeningen in het rekken van tijd"), and then I tried to make connections along the themes of time, the finite, and the infinite. Following my talk, myself and the actors/creators of the play engaged with the audience about these themes and the parallels between artistic and scientific creativity.

The trip to Terschelling also involved a tour of the various art installations, including a giant "geluidsspiegel" (see image top left) where one could stand and listen to the song birds in the polder below.
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