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Knowing the APERTIF room team

Submitter: Ger van Diepen
Description: The core team (Agnes, Boudewijn, Eric, Ger, Marcel, Menno and Mieke) in the APERTIF room has been around for quite a long time and enjoyed working together so closely. At the start of 2019 this team will cease to exist; some will be moved to another room and continue to work on Apertif, some others will start working on LOFAR-2.0 and maybe stay in the (what will then be called) LOFAR room.

In the past year the team members have enjoyed each other's company and we think we got to know each other rather well. To memorise the split up of the team, we had to have some kind of a goodbye event. At the end of each year it is time for all kinds of lists, so we decided that each of us would make a personal musical top 3 which would be combined in a single list. This AJDI shows the resulting list (in alphabetical order).

We played this playlist at the last joint working day of 2018. To test how well we
know each other, we had to guess who submitted which song. The result was not bad at all; almost 40% was guessed correctly. The most amazing result was that Mieke, who joined the team only quite recently, guessed best with almost 50%. Ger was the best known (or probably most predictable) person; almost
75% of his songs were guessed correctly.

It was a nice and fun event. We leave it as an exercise to the reader to guess our musical preferences.
Copyright: APERTIF room team
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