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Chang'e-4 relay satellite and NCLE scale model

Submitter: Jorrit Siebenga
Description: Early January, the Chinese Chang'e-4 lander made a successful touchdown on the mysterious far side moon surface. Its communication with ground control takes place via the Chang'e-4 relay satellite.

ASTRON, ISIS and Radboud University developed the NCLE antenna and instrument, with which the satellite is equipped. Earlier this year, our colleagues witnessed the launch of the CNSA rocket at the Xichang Space Center.

This unique Dutch collaboration with the Chinese Space Agency and The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS-NAOC) begged for a proper trophy at ASTRON. Therefore, since Christmas, the presentation showcases at the entrance hall are supplemented with an explanatory and educational 1:10 scale model of the Chang'e-4 relay satellite with the NCLE instrument and antenna highlighted in blue.
Copyright: ASTRON Mechanical Department
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