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PCIe on Uniboard2

Submitter: Dehim Verveen, Thijs Snijder and Leon Hiemstra
Description: We are Dehim Verveen (pictured left) and Thijs Snijder (pictured right), two electrical engineering students who for the past half year, have been working on researching how NVMe could be used to store streaming data. NVMe is a protocol used for storing data on non-volatile memory. It uses the PCIe protocol for communication.

PCIe is what we have been working on the majority of our time here. It is a very complex protocol, with many challenges. Not the least of which is that the Uniboard2 was not designed with PCIe in mind.

Because the Uniboard2 does not have any PCIe connectors we are using a PCIe-over-fiber extender. At one end we have a server with a PCIe to SFP+ adapter. On the other end we have the Uniboard2 with several QSFP connectors plugged into it.

Currently we have PCIe working on a Uniboard2 FPGA and are able to read out registers. But the Uniboard2 is not yet able to communicate with the server, likely due to the QSFP connectors of the Uniboard2 having different requirements than that of PCIe.
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