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Time to look for White Rabbits

Submitter: Huib van Langevelde
Description: Last week Friday, 25 January, the work of the SKA Signal and Data Transport (SaDT) consortium was concluded with the formal close out of the Critical Design Review. This is the consortium where JIVE contributed most to the SKA design.

The SaDT work concerns designing the network for passing telescope data to the Central Processing at both SKA sites and onwards to the Science Data Centres, hundreds of kilometers away. But it also must deliver a solution for distributing the clocks and timing reference to the telescope elements in both the SKA-mid and SKA-low. This is where the 'White Rabbit' comes in, an open standard for timing that was used in the design work for SaDT by JIVE.

Through the NWO-funded SKA-NL project, JIVE was able to channel its expertise on Networking to the SKA design. That expertise largely takes the form of Paul Boven, who has been responsible for making e-VLBI connections work. He is a strong devotee of White Rabbits. He even may find a few around the Dwingeloo telescope this time of year!
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