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The First Westerbork HALOGAS Data Release

Submitter: Erwin de Blok
Description: The Westerbork Hydrogen Accretion in Local Galaxies (HALOGAS) Survey is a deep survey of 24 local galaxies in the 21cm emission line of neutral hydrogen. The aims of the survey are to understand the nature and impact of thick HI disks in star-forming galaxies, and to quantify the importance of cold gas accretion in maintaining the observed star formation rate in the local Universe. HALOGAS is a forerunner to the MeerKAT Large Survey Project MHONGOOSE (PI: Erwin de Blok, ASTRON). Recently, the first data release from the HALOGAS Survey (HALOGAS-DR1) was announced at the PHISCC workshop in Perth, Australia. The data can be downloaded from the survey webpage. A second data release will take place at the end of May 2019, coinciding with the completion of the main survey outcome publications, and will include ancillary optical, radio continuum, and single dish HI data.
Copyright: (c) George Heald (CSIRO)
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