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Lunar farside and Earth in the media

Submitter: Tammo Jan Dijkema
Description: On 3 February, the Chinese satellite LongJiang-2 (DSLWP-B) took a photo of the lunar farside and Earth. One day later, we downloaded this photo with the Dwingeloo radio telescope. However amazing this is, it has become almost routine, as we have downloaded some 80 pictures now from this satellite. The main news in this new image is that it is the first to capture the full Moon and Earth.

The image was picked up widely, after being announced on Twitter. This tweet has gone viral: it was viewed over 850,000 times (for comparison, the next popular tweet at @radiotelescoop is at 30,000 views). It attracted over 55,000 visitors to CAMRAS.nl. Some prominent websites to report about the photo were Mashable, The Verge, CNET and Science (the news section, but still). The scoop was for Meppeler Courant and RTV Drenthe.

The previous time one of our Moon-Earth images was picked up by the media was around October 10 when the first Moon-Earth picture was announced. This also went in a strange way: it was first announced on Twitter, then published in the Meppeler Courant and RTV Drenthe, followed by New Scientist and NOS. When it was featured on Reddit, the CAMRAS blog post attracted over 40,000 visitors. We wrote an invited blog post at Planetary.org to give the background behind these images.

Other media coverage of the unique radio amateur collaboration leading to these images include an news item on RTV Drenthe and Reinhard Kuehn (who uplinks the commands to the satellite using his home-built yagi array) featured in Bild and in a video on Sat1Regional.

The team that worked on making these photos happen consisted of (among others) Harbin Institute of Technology: Wei Mingchuan BG2BHC, Hu Chaoran BG2CRY, Tai Mier KG5TEP, Zhao Yuhao BG2DGR, CAMRAS Dwingeloo Radio Telescope: Cees Bassa, Tammo Jan Dijkema, Vanessa Moss, uplink by Reinhard Kuehn DK5LA.
Copyright: CC-BY-4.0 Tammo Jan Dijkema
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