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Founding Members sign SKA Observatory treaty

Submitter: Alice Spruit
Description: The Netherlands along with 6 other countries involved in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project have come together in Rome for the signature of the international treaty establishing the intergovernmental organisation that will oversee the delivery of the worlds' largest radio telescope.

Prof. Carole Jackson, Director General of ASTRON said: "I am very proud that the Netherlands is a founding member of the new SKA Treaty organisation. ASTRON hosts the SKA office for the Netherlands and will be working with our international partners to deliver the full success of this new global telescope."

Seven countries signed the treaty on 12 March 2019, including Australia, China, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa and the United Kingdom. SKAO becomes only the second intergovernmental organisation dedicated to astronomy in the world, after the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

The SKA will be the largest science facility on the planet, with infrastructure spread across three continents on both hemispheres. Its two networks of hundreds of dishes and thousands of antennas will be distributed over hundreds of kilometres in Australia and South Africa, with the Headquarters in the United Kingdom.

From left to right: Dewi van de Weerd: NL Ambassador in Italy, Michiel van Haarlem: ASTRON, Oscar Delnooz: Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Carole Jackson: ASTRON, Thijs Geurts: Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
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