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All hands on deck!

Submitter: Agnes Mika
Description: The time has come for Apertif to prove its worth. During the next four weeks we are running an observing campaign to test the system's capabilities in both imaging and time domain modes.

Last week it was all hands on deck for the Apertif team to make sure that the system is in an operable state, tuned properly and ready to start taking measurements starting Monday morning of this week.

At the end of the four-week observing period, our astronomers will evaluate the data quality and the scientific potential of the instrument. Based on the results, the current plans for completing Apertif and taking it into operations will be adjusted.

The picture shows part of the team at the Apertif "headquarters" addressing some issues encountered during system tuning.

(By the way, if you get caught in the middle between the Dutch and English expressions: "Alle hens aan dek" and "All hands on deck" (like I did), and come up with "All hens on deck", your search engine will return some pretty funny hits.)

Copyright: Agnes Mika
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