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Sunspot 2738

Submitter: Rik ter Horst
Description: The sun has its ups and downs... Its activity shows a 11-year cycle and at the moment we're in a period of minimal activity, with a clean, mainly sunspot-free solar disc. However, it looks like things are changing. A few weeks ago, we had a quite large sunspot, and now, some days ago a new fresh sunspot became visible from behind the solar disc. This image shows sunspot 2738 as seen through a 250 mm F/15 Schmidt Cassegrain telescope on wednesday April 10. I used a 250 mm solar filter and an ASI120MM camera to capture 2000 frames, of which the best 25% were used for the stack to create this image. By the way, its size is comparable with that of our planet!Looking forward to seeing more of these beauties!
Copyright: Rik ter Horst
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