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The purpose of chocolate

Submitter: Agnes Mika
Description: Every year, IPMA-NL (International Project Management Association Netherlands) organises the so-called Projectmanagement Parade, the largest conference for project management professionals in the Netherlands. This year's theme was "Projects = Purpose. Creating adaptive leadership". The organisation of the (near) future will only have a right to exist if it can contribute to a new, sustainable society. Thus, the need for a "Purpose". And realising this purpose demands leadership.

This message was conveyed clearly in the keynote lecture given by a representative from Tony Chocolonely. He also emphasised individual responsibility, saying: "With every purchase and decision you make you cast a vote for the world you want to live in." (Or as we paraphrased it later: "Standing before the chocolate aisle in the supermarket will never be the same.")

Our small ASTRON team came home inspired and full of ideas, some of which we have already put into action the very next day.

The picture shows the wrapper of the special Tony Chocolonely bar we all received at the conference, reminding us of the big picture through IPMA-NL's motto of "Better projects for a better world".

P.S.: Sorry for the empty wrapper.
P.P.S.: Hi, my name is Agnes and I am a chocolate addict.
Copyright: Agnes Mika
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