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Dwingeloo Telescope model for Science Hub 'de Melkweg'

Submitter: Jorrit Siebenga
Description: At ASTRON’s Mechanical Department, every job that comes in is fun in their own way. But to be really honest; this one was the real candy. When Tammo-Jan Dijkema approached us to build a scale model of the Dwingeloo Telescope, we could not suppress a modest smile. Things got even better when we plunged into details; scale 1 to 20, to be finished within four weeks from scratch to ultimate deadline, and 'make the bastard as movable as the real one!’

We joined forces, started sketching and discussing the details. Within the first week of hard labor some first drawings were sent out to suppliers. After weeks of band sawing, welding, riveting, drilling, tapping, filing, redesigning, discussing, puttying and painting, the model started to take shape.

With the result weighing over 50 kilograms of mainly stainless steel, we realized we have been creating a scale model monster. After finalizing the last details and photo shoots on the afternoon before our deadline, we concluded with a loud and relieving ‘A je to!’. *

On Friday the 17th of May, the first of a series of ‘Science Hubs’ was opened on the Brink in Dwingeloo, by special guest Dutch astronaut André Kuipers. We were delighted to see that our work piece had a major role that day.

Our thanks go to everyone involved in organizing the Dwingeloo Science Hub ‘De Melkweg’, and especially Tammo-Jan and Marchel for guiding us towards the requested quality, properties and safety.

Stay tuned for The Making Of!

* ’A je to’ is arguably the only Czech expression used within the rich Dutch language, which stands for ‘Job done!’ It became famous in the Netherlands due to the children’s animation series ‘Buurman & Buurman’.
Copyright: ASTRON Mechanical Department
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