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The Making Of..!

Submitter: Jorrit Siebenga
Description: ‘Where to start?’ was the expression written on our faces upon commencement of this extraordinary job. But, characteristic to a genuine fine mechanics ‘Instrumentmaker’, we wanted to get our hands dirty ASAP, so after some indispensable sketching and unavoidable ordering of pieces, we soon started to distinguish the first recognizable shapes.

Almost all the work was performed in ASTRON’s mechanical workshop, as well equipped as it is.
Just for a few processes, we did not have the equipment or skills to perform in-house.
All laser cut wheel casings, gusset plates and dish beams, as well as the large rectangle profiled ring for rotating the azimuth were outsourced.

No shortage of positive and helpful feedback from passing colleagues, consisting strikingly often out of the two relevant questions: ‘Does it receive?’ and ‘Will you be adding the famous brushes next to its wheels?’
(FYI: the answers were respectively NO and YES. The second one resulting in Sjouke performing one of his most comic and peculiar jobs so far; driving to the supermarket, attired in motor suit, buying only eight tooth brushes, and upon arrival sawing them all in two)

Some numbers? 200+ hand-popped rivets (ouch!), over 25 meters of stainless steel profiles, 4+ meters cutting and grinding of dish mesh, some 30 kilograms of plywood, and last but not least:
The above mentioned eight improvised, maxi-sized, budget-priced tooth brushes.

And now; let’s get back to work. For this job wasn’t ;-)
Copyright: ASTRON Mechanical Department
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